About us

The aim of collage activity.

  • To prepare craftsmen with preliminary professional (handicraft) qualification for different spheres according to state educational standards.
  • To develop a person educated with national and universal values
  • To provide individual`s professional, spiritual and physical development needs
  • To implement the preliminary professional (vocational) educational programs (basic and additional).


The entrance in the college is organized in accordance with the entrance order. Education is available, the educational process is regulated by educational plans, curricula, schedule and timetables.
The College organizes its activity with variety of modern teaching methods. The College carries out its activities in cooperation with higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, research and industrial organizations. The teachers of the Collage are regularly trained to improve their professional knowledge and skills.
All free learning students get state scholarship.
After graduating from the College students get certificate of secondary/full/education and state diploma with relevant qualification. 
Material and moral assistance is shown to students who display progress and activity, and the best students are supported in finding jobs.